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Baby Blanket

Baby Blanket 22nd 2009
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  • What Are the Best Baby Blankets?
    Executive Summary on Baby Blanket by Mike Selvon

    baby blankets

    baby blankets

    Tucked away deep in a chest somewhere, it’s entirely possible that you still have your baby blankets. Whether you’re looking for a swaddling blanket to assist with feeding time, a play mat, a changing table blanket, a security blanket or a bedtime wrap, you’ll find the perfect one for your baby.

    When shopping for a baby blanket, look carefully at the packaging to see the size and dimensions. In the case of Safe Luxe and Wamsutta baby blankets, both manufacturers suggested theirs were “the softest,” which mothers unanimously agreed upon.

    Apparently, the Wamsutta Cable Baby Blanket had material that shed in the dryer, as reported by some mothers. Do you ever wonder, “What kind of baby blankets do the stars swaddle their little ones in?” Well, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes just recently purchased the Little Giraffe brand chenille baby blanket for $78 to give to Nicole Kidman as a gift.

    Baby Blankets – Warmth and Security

    Executive Summary on Baby Blanket by Binny Satin

    It is very important for a baby to have blankets. Baby blankets are very important in a baby’s life. It does not matter if that blanket is torn or dirty, nothing else is acceptable.

    The blanket is their whole life, besides Mom and Dad though. When a baby is born, they look for security. They find it in Mom but mom is not there all the time, their blanket is. Baby blankets provide warmth and the baby sleeps with it.

    The blanket however is different. To a baby, a baby blanket is a friend who does not leave them, and as such it is important.

    Obviously all babies cannot be generalized about. Some will use a pacifier as a security blanket. But the reason the saying of having a security blanket came because babies like blankets. The legend of the security blanket has been on ever since there were blankets.

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